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VW Space Up Blue

VW Space Up Blue

A year ago, I had talked about Volkswagen developing a high temperature Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell. That high temperature fuel cell (HT-FC) is finally here and is 30-percent smaller than the smallest fuel cell on the market.

2007 VW Space Up Blue

The company is using this new fuel cell in their newest zero emission vehicle, the VW Space Up! Blue.

The VW Space Up Blue is a hydrogen plug-in hybrid electric vehicle that can travel the first 65 miles on battery power alone.

The VW Space Up Blue uses 12 lithium-ion batteries along with the fuel cell to power the vehicle. The Space Up Blue also uses a solar panel atop the vehicle to recharge the batteries with up to 150 watts of electricity.

The Space Up Blue has a rear mounted 45 kw electric motor and when used in conjunction with the battery and fuel cell can give the vehicle a total range of over 220 miles.

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