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Toyota Fine-T (Fine-X)

Toyota Fine-T (Fine-X)

The Toyota Fine-T is one of the automaker’s newest offerings in the hydrogen fuel cell hybrid vehicle market. In the U. S., the Fine-T made its debut at the 2006 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. The Fine-T, though, made is world debut as the Toyota Fine-X at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show. The Toyota Fine-T is a fine-x ample of a futuristic looking vehicle that makes a low impact on the environment.

Toyota Fine-T (Fine-X) Concept Car

The Fine-T uses a smaller fuel cell stack design than most other hydrogen vehicles and employs a new alloy catalyst that allows for fewer precious metals to be used, bringing down the price of the fuel cell. The fuel cell unit drives a hybrid propulsion system that is located and mounted under the floor, which, in turn, increases the passenger room and delivers a lower center of gravity. According to Toyota the passenger space of the Fine-T is similar to that of a Camry.

The Toyota Fine-T also distributes power to all four wheels, via small electric motors making this an all-wheel-drive, four wheel independent steering vehicle. This allows for better control and manoeuvrability. The Toyota Fine-T has been tested to literally turn on a dime and spins 360 degrees on the auto’s axis. This contribution is a major advancement to driving on smaller, thinner roads and when parking in tighter areas.

Another component that makes the Fine-T and environmentally-friendly vehicle is the use of plant-based materials for covering the interior. The materials are considered to be autobon-neutral since they don’t add any autobon dioxide to the environment when disposed. Also, they are produced in a way to reduce the autobon dioxide in the manufacturing process.

For safety, the Fine-T uses four peripheral cameras to monitor traffic and pedestrians around all sides of the vehicle. Above the front license plate, a camera is installed and in the rear, the camera is just below the Toyota badge. Side cameras are located on the door handles and pictures from all cameras are displayed on large monitors for the driver inside the cabin.

The Toyota Fine-T boasts swinging gull-wing doors, a rotating driver’s seat (one of the “Welcome Seats”) that works at the push of a button, and cabin space that measures nearly the equivalent of the entire length of the vehicle, which seats four people. Ingress and egress is easy because of the doors and because with a push of a button the driver’s seat moves to the egress position and the driver simply stands up.

It should be noted that Toyota has no plans to fully produce and market the Fine-T. It was entirely designed as a concept auto to illustrate how vehicular technology will advance in the coming years by enabling vehicles with performance-based steering and manoeuvrability, low centers of gravity, fuel economy, and a sleek design. Whether you call it Fine-T or Fine-X matters not. What matters is that you call this a truly fine automobile that’s shaping the future of automotive technology and design.


Written by Hydro Kevin Kantola


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