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Pininfarina Sintesi

Pininfarina Sintesi

The Pininfarina Sintesi besides being a mouthful to say is also a zero emissions fuel cell vehicle rich in Italian design.

Pininfarina Sintesi

The futuristic Sintesi (meaning “synthesis”) is meant to communicate with the traffic technology of the future.

All wireless traffic infrastructure including the traffic signals, lights and other road signals will be displayed inside the cockpit of the vehicle making the Pininfarina Sintesi a very smart auto indeed. What’s also smart about this vehicle is the use of four Nuvera Quadrivium fuel cells, mounted inside each wheel, providing power to the four electric motors for nimble agility as well as torque.

The Pininfarina Sintesi has a top speed of 115 mph and can scoot from 0 to 60 mph in just 7.5 seconds. The vehicle’s fuel cell is based upon Nuvera’s Andromeda fuel cell STAR hydrogen generator.

With the Sintesi, Pininfarina has introduced a couple of novel concepts including “Liquid Packaging” and “Transparent Mobility.” Liquid Packaging refers to the concept of the Pininfarina Sintesi putting the fuel cells and motors in each wheel, freeing up space for passengers and driver.

Without the traditional engine and drivetrain at the front of the vehicle, the weight is better distributed through the vehicle and this also opens up many design options not available with traditional vehicles.

Transparent Mobility refers to the futuristic communication system where a vehicle such as the Pininfarina Sintesi can exchange information with other vehicles and traffic technology, seamlessly and transparently through wireless technology. This smart technology will lead to safer driving as drivers will be alerted to potential dangers on the roads ahead.

Pininfarina has been around since the 1930s as a coachbuilder and auto design firm that has work with most of the largest European automakers and more recently even with U. S. automakers as well. The Pininfarina Sintesi is a four-door, four-seat sports auto with unique design and engineering that a few years down the line, may make a few Maserati owners turn in their gas hogs for a classy Italian zero emissions vehicle with a little pep.


Written by Hydro Kevin Kantola


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