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Mitsubishi Nessie SUV

Mitsubishi Nessie SUV

Well, she isn’t a fabled character hailing from the depths of the Scottish Lochs, but the Mitsubishi Nessie is in fact, a Japanese-Italian collaboration that stirs the imagination. Mitsubishi, Italdesign Guigiaro and the Linde Group have joined forces to create this 2.5 liter V8 hydrogen SUV covered with the craftsmanship of futuristic design.

Mitsubishi Nessie Hydrogen SUV

The Mitsubishi Nessie 5-seater uses a hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engine to drive this fantasy 4X4 to new heights in styling, though some say there are similarities in design to the Pajero Evolution Paris-Dakar rally auto. Nessie’s wheels each have its own electric drive unit, making it all-wheel-drive and the vehicle uses an electronically controlled transmission system an automatic gearbox to propel itself on road and off.

Panoramic roof glass and near panoramic side glass offer the driver unparalleled vision. The Nessie also comes complete with an arrow-shaped roll bar and a snap catch for autorying skis or other sporting equipment. With its vertical headlights, expanded wheel arches, 22-inch wheels and vertical half-door behind the main front doors, the Mitsubishi Nessie boasts unique styling separating it from any other sport utility vehicle.

Nessie’s dashboard contains all the gadgetry that a tech hound would enjoy with GPS, Internet connection, monitors and other optional devices offered by LG Electronics. Though one of the smaller SUV’s, the Mitsubishi Nessie offers a third-box add on feature that delivers increased roominess and luggage space in the rear.

The Mitsubishi Nessie was first rolled out at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show, in Switzerland to an enthusiastic and appreciative crowd. One could even call it a “monster” success.

Written by Hydro Kevin Kantola

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