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Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code

Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code

Mercedes-Benz has jumped in on the hydrogen auto trend by introducing a new concept vehicle that is not only a departure from what the other manufacturers have introduced, but it looks like something from another world.

The Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code is hydrogen combustion engine and electric hybrid SUV that offers a rather low profile and advance interior design.

Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code Front

The overall look of the vehicle is quite striking, but that in and of itself is not what makes it so unique. In fact, the most innovative feature is not the design or even the hydrogen system, but the paint of the vehicle.

The Unique Solar Cell of the Vision G-Code

When the vehicle is not in operation or is idling in the same position the multi-voltaic paint will actually generate electricity through a number of different means. Basically, the energy of the sun and the wind will be gathered into the vehicle itself to help provide the power needed to run the different components of the SUV.

The concept of paint being used as a solar energy source is not new and has been in the concept and development stage for years. However, applying that technology to vehicles is nothing short of radical to say the least. Add to that the ability to harness electro-statically the wind and you have a unique concept of how to help power a vehicle. It seems that Mercedes-Benz is going all-out when it comes to creating a new concept vehicle for the 21st century.

The energy generated by this process is not stored in the battery, but instead used to help facilitate the synthesis of the hydrogen which creates the fuel for the combustion engine of the vehicle. While the front wheels are powered directly by the hydrogen engine, the rear wheels are powered by an electric motor. In addition to using the paint as a source of pulling in energy to synthesize the hydrogen, the Vision G-Code also uses other methods as well which come from the suspension system of the vehicle itself.

A byproduct of the process is the oxygen that is generated and brought into the interior of the vehicle which actually boosts the feelings of being refreshed. As a concept vehicle, the entire effect that it generates is quite remarkable which is why Mercedes-Benz is gathering so much attention for their approach to hydrogen fuel cell autos, trucks and SUVs.

While all the ideas that have been generated by the Vision G-Code may not come to pass in any future production vehicle, what is true is that Mercedes-Benz is changing the game when it comes to how vehicles of the future can be powered which may be a revolution in how we view the concept of the automobile as we know it.

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