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Viking Lady FellowSHIP Update

I had first talked about the Viking Lady FellowSHIP project in November 2009. The Viking Lady is a large marine autogo ship that is powered by both LPG and fuel cells. The fuel cells kick in and help reduce pollution and particulate matter from this ship close to shore and in marine harbors.

In March 2012, I had talked about how the Viking Lady had added battery hybrid capabilities, extending the eco-range of the vehicle. The Viking Lady autories a 330 kW fuel cell for power around shore and other ecologically sensitive areas. But, there is an update I would like to talk about now.

According to DNV, “DNV Research and Innovation has taken a leading role in facilitating the demonstration of safe and reliable fuel cell applications for ships. In the joint industry project, FellowSHIP, a 330 kW fuel cell was successfully installed, and demonstrated smooth operation for more than 7000 hours on board the offshore supply vessel Viking Lady.

“Fuel cell technology of this magnitude has never before been installed in a merchant vessel, and the project is innovative on a global scale. The achievements of the project include significantly reduced CO2 emissions, improved energy efficiency and zero emissions of harmful substances compared to conventional engine technology.
“This recent success with fuel cell technology indicates that it is possible to lower the contribution from shipping to global warming. Introducing fuel cells to ships benefit human health and the environment by avoiding local consequences of air pollution.”

This fellowship of FellowSHIP means we are cruising into a new green era where we all can breathe a bit easier on the high seas (and of course at beaches and ports, too).

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