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NEL P-60 Electrolyser Follow Up

Yesterday I talked about the NEL P-60 electrolyser unit for creating hydrogen via electrolysis of water. Today I have some new information regarding the NEL P-60.

I’ll be the first to admit that the P-60 isn’t as inexpensive as I had first assumed. Mr. Atle Taalesen, the Regional Sales Director / Nordic, Baltic & North America for NEL send me this email:

“Thank you for coming back to us regarding our new Electrolyser NEL P-60. To indicate rough budget price on this unit with all inclusive and a gas purity at 99.999 the budget price will be USD.950.000. Please do not hesitate to us or our USA agent Donna Rennemo for further information about this unit.”

One of the readers of this blog also had a similar experience. According to Kevin S., “With solar getting to be ridiculously cheap, I have been looking at what could be done with excess production in a home setting. I put in a 10kW PV system at my house in 2011, and I would pay 1/3 the cost now! So, I was thinking I could install more panels, and use the excess for hydrogen production via electrolysis. I have seen solutions like that from Proton that produce 1 to 2 kg/day that are at least in the tens of thousands, but the NEL P60 was quoted to me at $950,000! WHoa. I keep looking for that perfect home hydrogen generator solution where i can fuel a auto, power my house, etc. It seems like we are close, but not quite there. This guy has rigged up his own solution which is what I would like to do. He seems a bit eccentric at times though as I researched him. 🙂

“I’ll keep searching, and I’ll keep reading what you write. Keep up the good work.”

The above link goes to an article about Mike Strizki. I interviewed Mr. Strizki in June 2006 as he had managed to go off-grid using solar panels, hydrogen and fuel cells.

With any luck hydrogen refueling manufacturers like NEL Hydrogen, ITM Power, Praxair, Air Products, Linde, Hydrogenics, RE Hydrogen, Honda Solar Hydrogen, Horizon Hydrofill, Proton OnSite and SunHydro will be able to bring their prices down significantly within the next few years to levels that are consumer-friendly.

If this were to happen, the building of the hydrogen infrastructure would be entering an era of great change and expansion and at that point we’d all be dancing to the song, “The Age of Aquarius.”

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Hydro Kevin Kantola
I'm a hydrogen auto blogger, editor and publisher interested in documenting the history and the progression of hydrogen autos, vehicles and infrastructure worldwide.

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  1. Avatar

    $950,000 is pretty steep.

    130 kg per day x 365 days = 47,450 kg

    So, if you want to pay for the unit in 10 years, thats $2 per kg just to pay for the electrolyzer. ~$2.50 with interest.

    Add another ~$2.50 per kg for storage, compression, and dispenser equipment, installation, etc.

    It’ll take ~55kwh to produce a kg of hydrogen. At wholesale, thats at least 3 cents per kwh. So thats $1.65 for electricity.

    Looks like at least ~$6.65 per kg just to break even.

  2. Avatar

    if i were rich this would be mine,and all kinds of machines, would be in, my totally passive house,and a full food forest.pem autos etc.very self sustained technology..converts into a apendage me a very clean and self sustaining man,apendage logic and the environement, which i choose.apendage of the environnment at a small scale.
    leggacy.i then would sell.franchise to infrastructure market and gadgets.i would egnore fossil. except to clean it.and the enviroment apendagges such as alge or photocatylic life. and forests would be mine, flow home battery redox system. closing my energy loop.

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