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Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride


Creature comforts? The latest Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride Fuel Cell Concept Car may be something that we end up seeing on the road at one point. Why is that? Because this is the ultimate type of auto that integrates a fuel cell system and tank designed to give you around 600 miles of range along with a very comfortable ride.

What should you know about this auto?

It seems that the primary focus is on comfort, but at the same time, you also have communication features too.

The integrated virtual agent is designed to offer a wonderful surround infotainment experience. And yes, delivering something like this is very important, especially if you are the type of person that travels a lot and just wants to have a cool, fun experience all the time. The thing to note here is that the auto on its own manages to showcase exactly how vehicles in the future may end up being, and this is both amazing and sautoy at the same time.

For a lot of people, this vehicle seems to be taken out of the new Blade Runner movie. And yes, you wouldn’t be far if you would base this only on the design. It goes to show that with enough of a focus on quality, nothing can be impossible. The addition of hydrogen cells and being able to recharge your auto in just a few minutes is sci-fi already, so adding things like a stellar infotainment system and a great design just makes the experience even more interesting.

The fact that there are no pillars to separate the rear and front seats is a pretty interesting decision. While this does offer more room for the people in the back and increases comfort, it also makes this seem a bit strange. But the Toyota Comfort Ride Fuel Cell Concept Car does a very good job at showing that this is the future of autos, and the fact that it added the bucket seating idea from various sci-fi movies just goes to show that.

Any other extra features?

If you are done driving, you can easily rotate the seats and enjoy a chat with your friends in the back. Yes, the fact that you have a 360-degree rotating system is nothing short of wonderful, and it manages to provide you with a nice and creative way to take your driving and social experience to the next level.

Plus, the addition of smart glass on the side panels means that your passengers can watch the news and enjoy a plethora of other cool stuff running on the back. It’s by far one of the nicest things for you to have in the case of such a vehicle and it’s safe to say that more stuff will be added if this becomes more than just a concept auto.

Toyota’s approach seems a bit futuristic, but the reality is that we are indeed getting an infrastructure that helps more and more autos like this become a part of our overall clean auto mix. However, the focus over the next several years will be adding more and more hydrogen filling stations. With the Mirai, Toyota has already shown that the fuel cell vehicles are ready for prime time, but the infrastructure still needs to be built out.

The interior of this auto is maybe one of the nicest ones out there. Not because it looks amazing, which it does. But the benefit here is that you are actually getting a functional interior that can transform your vehicle into a social and fun experience. It’s one of the most interesting and impressive features that you can find among the concept autos.

To Recap

Overall, the Toyota Comfort Ride Fuel Cell Concept Car delivers quite an interesting approach to the way autos will look and function in the near future. It’s something that you can’t find anywhere else, and the fact that this concept auto works and can become a production auto in the near future is astonishing. The technology in it is solid, the quality is second to none, and everything here is nothing short of extraordinary. Whether the Toyota Comfort Ride Fuel Cell Concept Car will become the auto of the future, this remains to be seen. But there are at least a few of us who are cheering on Toyota on to give us this creature comfort auto now!