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Toyota FCV-R Concept

Toyota FCV-R Concept

While the some countries may never see the vehicle, Toyota’s FCV-R Concept auto has been touted to be released as their hydrogen fuel cell auto for 2015.

Much of the company’s focus on gaining the upper hand in fuel efficiency is at this time still focused on the dedicated Prius hybrids, but buyers are excited to hear about the possible new move towards autos closer to being emission-free models.

The concept FCV-R was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show and also displayed at the Detroit Auto Show. The Toyota FCV-R is reported to have a fuel-cell stack that will be smaller and more efficient than other hydrogen fueled autos, with its H2 fed from 10,000 psi cylindrical tanks. Not a lot of information has been forthcoming about the concept auto, but we do know that the fuel cell will be located under the main body of the four-seat vehicle.

It’s believed that the FCV-R will give the driver a range of 435 miles of zero emissions travel, with a tentative price at about $50,000. The FCV-R is likely Toyota’s preview for the hydrogen-powered sedan Japanese automaker said they would launch in the year 2015.

Vehicles using fuel cell technology don’t emit anything other than water vapor, making them very Eco-friendly. Toyota does appear to be more invested in the manufacture of hydrogen cell vehicles than they were in 2007 when they tested a Highlander FCHV.

Toyota may offer fleet fuel cell models by the year 2015, and the FCV-R is thought to show that the company is more seriously considering the project. This is due to the fact that the concept auto has a unique design and is a 4-door sedan. The giving of a name to the vehicle might show a family of vehicles eventually being made, similar to the Prius line of autos.

The FCV-R is more original than some of the more recent concepts offered by other auto manufacturers. It has no donor platform, and the details are still sketchy. Toyota has described the size at about 185 inches, and this is roughly four inches shorter than their current Camry model. Although this doesn’t describe its eventual size precisely, it still sounds like it will be a vehicle that’s more substantial other gas-powered Toyotas.

It’s expected that future auto shows will be stages where Toyota will introduce future renditions of the FCV-R concept auto, as it draws closer to becoming a production model.

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