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Toyota FCV Concept

Toyota FCV Concept

The Toyota FCV Concept is the next iteration of the FCV-R rolled out a few years earlier. The FCV Concept, however, boasts a new fuel cell stack and upgraded body design. It was unveiled at the Tokyo Auto in November 2013.

Toyota FCV Concept
The Toyota FCV is a four door auto that features a driving range of 435 miles and refuels in about three minutes.

This is similar to gasoline powered vehicles that consumers are already familiar with. The auto’s exterior design features air scoops that are similar to air intakes.

The item stems from the concept of taking in air and emitting water. This is a big part of the brand because hydrogen is distributed in a gas form instead of a liquid. The body style is aerodynamic and looks similar to the Toyota Prius, however the auto is more luxurious and sportier looking that its gas / electric cousin.

The Toyota FCV concept has gotten largely positive acclaim. It has large rims with low profile tires, tinted windows, and a sleek look to it.

Artist’s rendition of the Toyota FCV Concept

This really isn’t totally surprising given the technology that is built into the auto. The auto is powered by a small light-weight fuel cell stack and uses two 70MP high-pressure hydrogen tanks. The auto produces 100 kW which is a higher output than Toyota’s previous fuel cell stack. Toyota has stated that the FCV uses the same hybrid technology as the Prius.

Toyota has stated that the FCV concept can generate around 135 hp and accelerate to a top speed of around 106 mph.

Toyota FCV Concept at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Show

Toyota has talked about rolling out a very similar production model in the 2015 time-frame. The company hopes to come as close as possible to a $50,000 sticker price as possible, making it more affordable than a Tesla Roadster and a little less affordable than a Nissan Leaf.

Hydrogen infrastructure will need to catch up however once production starts rolling as it would be a shame to have the Toyota FCV in a showroom with nowhere to go.


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