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Suzuki Ionis Mini

Suzuki Ionis Hydrogen Concept Vehicle

The Suzuki Ionis is a hydrogen concept minivan that made its first public appearance at the Tokyo Auto Show in October of 2005. Like several other concept autos displayed at the Tokyo show, the Suzuki Ionis mini-MPV (multi-purpose van) features hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Suzuki Ionis Hydrogen Concept Mini-MPV

The auto is shaped like a minivan, except in the front, where it is rounded. According to designers, it is supposed to look like flowing water, although some critics have said that the front of the auto more closely resembles a fish head.

Despite the fact that this auto in neither available for purchase nor will be in production any time in the near future, this auto shows exactly where auto companies are headed with regards to overcoming the obstacles that exist in getting fuel cell technology to the mass market.

The major advancement that has been made in the Suzuki Ionis is making the fuel cell itself much smaller and positioning it underneath the cabin floor. This means that the interior space in the auto is much bigger. The Suzuki Ionis at only 134-inches long can seat four adults comfortably. It has four sliding doors to maximize access. In addition, and like other hydrogen fuel cell offerings, Suzuki has utilized LED lighting for its lighting system, giving both a futuristic appearance and big energy savings.

Although the Suzuki Ionis hydrogen auto is innovative for the glimpse it offers consumers at what they can expect in a fuel cell vehicle, there are many other innovative features that the Suzuki Ionis offers. For one thing, the LED system does not just make for an attractive dashboard as the same system is used in the DVD and entertainment center in the back seat of the auto.

Televisions in autos aren’t really a new concept anymore, but they are in a auto this size that is considered to be compact. You can also use the Internet in this hydrogen auto, using a satellite link to the World Wide Web. Its possible to download music to play on your auto stereo system and you can even watch satellite television in addition to any DVD’s.

Anther major advancement in the Suzuki Ionis is the use of by-wire technology, created by General Motors. By-wire technology allows all the functions that normally clutter up the area by the driver, such as the steering column and gearshift, to be controlled by the push of a button. Features that are controlled by by-wire include the brakes, the throttle, and steering. This frees up even more space in the auto, allowing passengers to get the most room for the size of the auto.


Written by Hydro Kevin Kantola


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