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Hydrogen Highway

It is now clear that a South Korea Hydrogen Highway system is being developed. As in other places like Los Angeles the hydrogen fueling system is using the “cluster” model around a large cities, which is also where the hydrogen autos are located.

As of December 2009, South Korea has 10 hydrogen fueling stations either in operation or planned for 2010. The six hydrogen stations in operation are in Daejeon (2), Seoul, Dong-cho Dong Incheon, Mabuk, and Namyang.

The four planned hydrogen fueling stations are at the islands of KangHwa and Ongjin-gun, Jeju island and near the KATRI Gyeonggi-do race track. The hydrogen fueling stations on the islands of KangHwa and OnJin-gun are part of two master planned communities in South Korea.

On the Island of Jetu a hydrogen fueling station will be installed by Air Liquide at the Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER) as a demonstration and research project. Near the Gyeonggi-do race track, another Air Liquide H2 fueling station will be installed at the Korea Automobile Testing & Research Institute (KATRI).

The Korean government has been working with Hyndai / Kia in testing their fuel cell vehicles and supporting them with hydrogen fueling stations, seven of which are located around Seoul.

On an island west of Seoul, called Nanjido, the South Korean government is developing a landfill to hydrogen plant. This plant will supply both hydrogen autos and buses with fuel. Because of the poor air quality around Seoul, the South Korean government has been looking towards hydrogen in order to cut down on emissions and free themselves from importing so much foreign oil.

The South Korean Hydrogen Highway is a step in the direction of commercialization of fuel cell vehicles by the 2015 time frame that automakers and other many other countries have adopted.

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