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When you have finished checking out our Hydrogen Cars site please check out some of the fine resources we have assembled. These resources are the best we know of that explain all sorts of excellent information about hydrogen autos and the future for such vehicles.

– funded by the U. S. Department of Energy, this white paper describes the last 28 years of hydrogen fuel cell development for transportation, business and residential use and a look into the future for hydrogen-based future for energy in the U. S.

– created by Congress in 1977, is a statistical agency of the U.S. Department of Energy. They provide policy-independent data, forecasts, and analyses to promote sound policy making, efficient markets, and public understanding regarding energy and its interaction with the economy and the environment.

– government resource that offers information and research on hydrogen, fuel cells and infrastructure technologies.

– government resource with broad overview of hydrogen autos and refueling infrastructure.

California Hydrogen Highway Network – the goal of the initiative is to support and catalyze a rapid transition to a clean, hydrogen transportation economy in California, thereby reducing our dependence on foreign oil, and protecting our citizens from health harms related to vehicle emissions

– is committed to promoting fuel cell vehicle commercialization as a means of moving towards a sustainable energy future, increasing energy efficiency and reducing or eliminating air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

– a membership organization founded by a group of ten industry, university, research, and small business members in 1989. Today the NHA’s membership has grown to over 100 members, including representatives from the automobile industry; the fuel cell industry; aerospace; federal, state, and local government; energy providers; and many other industry stakeholders. – Outlines President Bush’s four phase strategy for developing a hydrogen-based economy.

– one of its main goals is to protect the environment by providing a responsible resolution to the environmental legacy of the Cold War and by providing for the permanent disposal of the Nation’s high-level radioactive waste.

International Hydrail Association –

Energy Tours – Join Mortimer E. Schulz as he test drives the latest and greatest hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Dr. Roger Billings Blog –

Dr. Roger Billings website –

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Flash Animation – presented by Ballard, maker of a PEM for hydrogen autos, this animated gives a simple, yet elegant overview of how a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle operates.

East Coast Hydrogen Roadmaps –

– a non-profit organization that features a group of young advocates for hydrogen fuel cell autos and the impending H2 economy.

Look at the hydrogen fuel cell city auto as it develops in its open source community.

– newsletter for hydrogen and fuel cells.

– Clean Energy Weekly features articles from around the Web about hydrogen and fuel cells.

H2TRUST is a safety project designed to foster a smooth and well managed transition to full scale commercialization of FCH applications in Europe and, from a safety perspective, to aid the process by which all industry stakeholders are informed, prepared and confident. H2TRUST shall help assure mechanisms are in place to inform all stakeholders, including the general public, adequately about H2 related safety issues. H2TRUST website includes a comprehensive online library of reference information on FCH technology and industry, safety and environmental hazards and risks, stakeholders, regulatory context and other programmes.

– photos of hydrogen autos courtesy

Hydrogen Cars – organization promoting hydrogen autos as the ultimate clean and green technology for transportation.

– lists hydrogen autos throughout the years including specifications.

– planning for what is needed to roll out hydrogen autos and infrastructure in Great Britain.

– the Ohio State hydrogen race auto site.


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