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Resources – Fuel Cells

Resources – Fuel Cells

Many fine fuel cell resources are featured on this page. We realize you have a choice when it comes to hydrogen auto websites, so thanks for visiting us. When finished, however, please wander over to some of these quality fuel cell resource websites as well as they hold much valuable information for your ongoing research into this subject.

– U. S. Department of Energy website helping to accelerate the development and successful market introduction of fuel cell technologies.

– offers all sorts of information on fuel cells and fuel cell vehicles including a greeness index and mpg.

– is playing a leading role in the federal government’s growing efforts to accelerate the development of fuel cell technology, especially for vehicle applications. EPA is working in several significant ways to encourage progress in the application of fuel cells to power autos and other vehicles. Their roles are to evaluate that progress, to help raise public awareness of the potential of this new technology, and to assess the challenges that remain before we see fuel cell vehicles in widespread use.

National Renewable Energy Labratory (NREL) – hydrogen and fuel cell research projects focus on developing, integrating, and demonstrating advanced hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, and fuel cell technologies. The projects cover a broad range, including fundamental research that will serve to overcome some of the key technical barriers, analysis to identify the most promising potential pathways, partnering with industry which will help to pave the way to commercial viability, and participating in the development of consistent codes and standards.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory – Located in Livermore, California explains a prototype unitized regenerative fuel cell.

– promotes the development and early commercialization of fuel cells and related pollution-free, efficient energy generation, storage and utilization technologies and fuels.

– trade association for fuel cells in the UK and works to accelerate the commercialization of fuel cells.

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