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Beyond The Hydrogen Highway

Beyond The Hydrogen Highway Beyond the so-called hydrogen highway is the hydrogen waterway and the hydrogen skyway as well. The hydrogen waterway is currently underway since hydrogen-powered submarines have been in service by the U. S. Navy since 1977. On April 7, 2003 the Germany’s biggest shipbuilder, Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft, …

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Audi A2H2

Audi A2H2 Car The Audi Hydrogen A2 auto (dubbed A2H2) combines the high-tech environmentally friendly design of a green H2 vehicle with the peppiness of a small sports auto. The Audi A2H2 uses a Ballard PEM fuel cell stack combined with a high-torque electric motor to accelerate from 0-60 mph …

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2010 – 2011

Hydrogen Fuel Cars 2010 – 2011 This page features hydrogen fuel autos that have been shown in the year 2010. Most of the hydrogen fuel cell autos and H2ICE vehicles on this page are prototypes, though some may be test vehicles as well. 2011 The Daihatsu FC Sho Case is …

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Hydrogen Fuel Cars 2004 Hydrogen autos in 2004 also saw a great spurt in development with 15 new vehicles being introduced this year. From the Chinese Chunhui to several Japanese, German and U. S. model, the hydrogen autos showed off exciting innovation this year. 2004 The Chunhui No. 3 is …

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Hydrogen Fuel Cars 2001 The year 2001 was a banner year for hydrogen autos as 22 prototypes were rolled out before the public. Toyota had three FCHV models with Ford, GM, DaimlerChrysler and Honda also putting out multiple vehicles. 2001 The 2001 Mitsubishi Space Liner was a futuristic looking auto …

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1807 – 1986

Hydrogen Fuel Cars 1807 – 1986 Between 1807 and 1986 was a time of great development for hydrogen autos. From the first Rivaz auto designed by Francois Isaac de Rivaz of Switzerland to the Hippomobile to the GM Electrovan to several models designed by Musashi, hydrogen vehicles grew by leaps …

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Hydrail commercializing: the 2015 Mooresville conference

by guest blogger Stan Thompson For ten years now, the Appalachian State University and Mooresville NC originators of the International Hydrail Conference series have predicted, explained and advocated hydrogen railway traction. Now, like a teenager suddenly outgrowing all her clothes, hydrail is coming of age—commercially and with a vengeance! This …

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