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Kenworth T680 Fuel Cell Heavy Truck

  Kenworth is now aiming to create new eco-friendly and energy efficient heavy-duty trucks without sacrificing their products’ power and performance. The Kenworth T680 hydrogen prototype runs on a powerful fuel cell together with lithium-ion batteries. With this combination, the T680 promises zero-emissions within the trucking industry. This powerful and …

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Toyota Fuel Cell Big Rig Truck Concept

  Juѕt dауѕ after Elоn Muѕk аnnоunсеd Tеѕlа wоuld show оff its new аll-еlесtrіс ѕеmі lаtеr in 2017, Japanese auto gіаnt Tоуоtа unvеіlеd іtѕ оwn zero еmіѕѕіоnѕ prime mоvеr оvеrnіght іn thе US. Dubbed Prоjесt Pоrtаl, the Tоуоtа has аdарtеd a pair of fuеl cell ѕtасkѕ frоm the hуdrоgеn-fuelled Mirai …

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BMW using Hydrogen Fuel during Hydrogen & Fuel Cell History

  “When I hear people blaming the automobile for global warming, I have to chuckle. It’s not the auto. It’s the fuel.”                        Jay Leno in this article Hollywood stars drive hydrogen-fueled autos: actors Edward Norton and Cameron Diaz, Placido Domingo and Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Joely Fisher, and many others, as they wait patiently …

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Car Designer favours Hydrogen & Fuel Cell History

  “A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist, and evolutionary strategist.” – Buckminster Fuller The 1973 oil embargo caused a number of changes in industry and society. It caused the (temporary) departure of the muscle autos and created an enthusiasm for small, fuel-efficient autos. It …

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Uncertain Times – Hydrogen and Fuel Cell History

“Science is about knowing; engineering is about doing.”           Henry Petroski While Sir William Robert Grove’s invention of the ‘gas voltaic cell’ lay dormant for many years, steam engines were making progress. Then, suddenly, the new-fangled internal combustion engine (ICE) was in the news. It could be observed at many exhibitions …

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Turbulent Times – Hydrogen and Fuel Cell History

As a history essay, this treatise will dig into details –and into my previous articles– to illustrate particular actions, events or episodes in hindsight – which is what history is all about. You may find some of the information in this and following short articles boring and tedious. Don’t despair, …

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Exciting times – Hydrogen and Fuel Cell History

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell History Having just passed the second National Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Day, we will probe the history and heritage of both in a series of articles.   Exciting times. People around the world read all the newest information on Kevin Kantola’s extraordinary website. The second, electrifying …

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Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hydrogen Fuel Cells Hydrogen fuel cells are what will power the ‘Hydrogen Highway’ of the future. Hydrogen fuel cells are electrochemical engines that come in several different varieties with the most common being the Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells, also called Polymer Electrolyte Membrane fuel cells. PEM fuel cells …

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