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Riversimple Urban Car Update

Yesterday I talked about the Riversimple Urban Car as an open source fuel cell vehicle that could spread like wildfire to Europe, Scandinavia, Japan, the U. S. and other countries with a budding hydrogen fueling infrastructure. Since then I’ve heard from Toby Guise, a consultant for the Riversimple Urban Car …

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Hydrogen Road Tour 2009 Travelog a Must Read

Normally, I would write a longer blog post and blather on about something I find interesting about hydrogen that is newsworthy. But, I want to keep this blog short so that you have time to check out the Hydrogen Road Tour 2009 Travelog put together in blog style by the …

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Gov. Schwarzenegger Promotes Hydrogen Road Tour 2009

In October 2004, Governor Schwarzenegger drove his hydrogen modified H2H Hummer to LAX airport to open California’s first public hydrogen fueling station. Since then the governor has developed and promoted California’s Hydrogen Highway system. Yesterday, at the Shell hydrogen fueling station in West Los Angeles Gov. Schwarzenegger spoke on behalf …

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Obama and Hydrogen Don’t Mix According to Bloomberg is reporting that President Obama has turned a cold shoulder to hydrogen autos in favor of plug-in electric vehicles (PHEVs). According to Bloomberg, Honda is also concerned of this shift from the Bush regime who favored hydrogen to the Obama team who favors PHEVs and battery electric vehicles (BAVs). …

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Hilary Swank Drives BMW Hydrogen 7

Back in August 2007, I talked about how Will Ferrell was the first celebrity given the keys to the BMW Hydrogen 7 for everyday use. This week, two time Academy Award actress Hilary Swank has also been given the keys to the vehicle. In-between there have been many other celebrities …

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Toyota FCHV-adv to Lease Soon in Japan

On Friday, Toyota announced that it will begin leasing its FCHV-adv to Japan’s Ministry of the Environment a few other government entities. In early June, Toyota had announced that it had acquired certification from Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to put this new, advanced vehicle on the …

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