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Next Hydrogen Fueling Station Opens in UK

It’s groovy, baby, as Austin Powers might say that a hydrogen fueling station is opening at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, which is currently the country’s only station. London had a temporary station that opened in 2005 by oil giant BP as part of the CUTE demonstration …

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A Futuristic Look at Hydrogen Vehicles

A publication called Seeking Alpha released an online article called “Global Warming Up to a Hydrogen Economy” that takes an interesting peek into what the future may look like for hydrogen autos and the economy. For instance, they predict that one day, fuel cells will rely heavily on rare earth …

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My name is Kevin Kantola (HydroKevin) and I am the writer, editor and publisher of this website / blog. This website is about hydrogen autos, vehicles, infrastructure and the upcoming hydrogen economy. We will explore the technology behind hydrogen autos and the exciting industry news that will shape our new …

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Hydrogen Work Vehicles Get the Job Done

They may not be as sexy as hydrogen autos parading down the road from one green event to the next with photo ops with congressmen and governors, but some less glamorous hydrogen vehicles are also starting to grab the public’s attention. For instance, lawnmower-maker Toro has paraded out its hydrogen-powered …

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New York Hydrogen Expo Shows Off Cars

Last week, on July 30, the New York Hydrogen Expo had a Ride & Drive event where everyone who wanted to could drive several hydrogen autos. The New York Hydrogen Expo was part of the 2nd Annual New Energy Symposium sponsored by New Energy New York. Over 450 attendees took …

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Hydrogen Submarines Surface for Greek Navy

In June, I had talked about the Greek geeks getting into the act when it comes to hydrogen technology by developing new storage technology along with developing new hydrogen minibuses. Now, the Greeks have out-geeked themselves by developing hydrogen submarines that will cruise the Mediterranean Sea unnoticed by watchful eyes. …

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Hyundai Tucson FCEV Videos

While cruising digg and hugg and other Internet resources for information on hydrogen autos, I stumbled upon a thread, which features several videos about the Hyundai Tucson FCEV. Writer Lou Ann Hammond from Carlist writes about and shows video of the flow of energy through the Hyundai Tucson FCEV, which …

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Hydrogen Cars and Fueling Stations Go Dutch

The Energy Research Center of the Netherlands (ECN) has opened it first hydrogen fueling station on Friday, October 27 in Petten. The hydrogen filling station will be used to fuel up ECN’s HydroGEM PEM fuel cell vehicle. The HydroGEM’s fuel cell and vehicle system have been built entirely by ECN, …

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