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UK Hydrogen Highway

UK Hydrogen Highway The proposed United Kingdom Hydrogen Highway system is actually two separate highway systems in the north and south of the UK. The northern system is proposed for the east side of Scotland. The southern system is proposed for South Wales. Here is a detailed map of the …

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Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway

Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway The Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership (SHHP) combines three different local hydrogen refueling infrastructure projects in the same region. The Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership joins together the Denmark Hydrogen Link Project, the Norway HyNor Project and Sweden’s HyFuture Project (Hydrogen Sweden). The map below shows the hydrogen refueling …

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Resources – Hydrogen

Resources – Hydrogen Hydrogen resources from external websites are listed so that you can further your education about this subject. After finishing with our hydrogen auto website, please investigate some of the many fine hydrogen resource websites featured here as they also offer much valuable information on this topic. Hydrogen …

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Hydrogen Sweden

Hydrogen Sweden Hydrogen Sweden or what used to be known as HyFuture is a public private partnership that is part of the Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership (SHHP). The purpose of Hydrogen Sweden is to promote H2 as a clean energy autorier for autos and develop a public refueling infrastructure. In …

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Japan Hydrogen Highway

Japan’s Hydrogen Highway Japan’s hydrogen highway system was brought into place because of the 4-year Japan Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Project (JHFC). Twelve hydrogen fueling stations have been built in 11 cities in Japan. Japan’s Hydrogen Highway Two hydrogen fueling stations that were built for Expo 2005 in Seto-North and …

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Hydrogen Generator Types

Hydrogen Generator Types Hydrogen generator types come in three flavors. A hydrogen generator can be a system that creates hydrogen. Or, a hydrogen generator may be a system that is powered by H2. In a few cases, both are true. Creates H2 A hydrogen generator that creates hydrogen comes in …

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Hydrogen On Demand

Hydrogen On Demand Hydrogen-on-demand systems within the automotive industry may one day rock the world. If the current hydrogen on demand systems that are being developed pan out or if future hydrogen-on-demand systems take hold, this could mean that building a huge hydrogen gas infrastructure is not necessary. A hydrogen …

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Hydrogen Fueling Station Cal State Los Angeles

Hydrogen Fueling Station – Cal State Los Angeles This public hydrogen fueling station is located on the campus of California State University in Los Angeles, CA. It offers a high clearance for taller vehicles. There are both 5,000 psi and 10,000 psi hydrogen fueling pumps available. Price at the pump …

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Hydrogen Fueling Station – Shell – Torrance, CA

Hydrogen Fueling Station by Shell Corp. – Torrance, California This public hydrogen fueling station in Torrance, California is courtesy the Shell Corporation (and Air Products). There are four pumps total (with one out-of-order). Two of the pumps are 5,000 psi and the fuel sells for $4.99 / kilogram and two …

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Hydrogen Fueling Station – Shell – Newport Beach, CA

Hydrogen Fueling Station – Shell – Newport Beach, CA This public hydrogen fueling station is integrated into a Shell service station in Newport Beach, California. There are a total of four pumps. Two of the pumps dispense compressed hydrogen fuel at 5,000 psi and two of the pumps dispense hydrogen …

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