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Oil crisis’ effect on Hydrogen & Fuel Cell History

  “We aren’t addicted to oil, but our autos are.”         – James Woolsey, national security and energy specialist Wake up World!  Do something! December 1973. Oil embargo. Panic. Fighting at the pumps. Mile long line-ups at refueling stations in cities everywhere. Petrol, petrol everywhere –underground-, but not a drop …

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Will Methanol Fuel Cell Vehicle Kill the Hydrogen Car?

  Will the methanol fuel cell vehicle (pictured above) kill the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle? In September 2015, the first methanol (wood alcohol) fueling station was opened in Europe. The station is located in Aalborg, Denmark. Some of the advantages of methanol fuel cell vehicles are: Methanol is a liquid …

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The Finns Get Going with Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure

Earlier this week, two Finnish companies joined forces to create a hydrogen production demonstration in Italy using the local wastewater. Being of partly Finnish heritage myself, I share great interest in what the Finns are up to in regard to hydrogen and fuel cell technology. In May, 2013 Finland unveiled …

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It’s Been a Bad 2 Weeks for Hydrogen Car Critics

Hydrogen auto naysayers, negative Nancies, pessimists, critics, skeptics, deniers, detractors, scoffers, whiners, malcontents, complainers, fusspots, gripers, snivelers, squawkers, curmudgeons, sourpusses, party poopers, faultfinders, nitpickers, grinches, killjoys, spoilsports, quibblers and defeatists have had a bad 2 weeks. Toyota and Mercedes-Benz (Daimler) has seen to that. On Wednesday last week (October 25, …

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BMW i8 Hydrogen

Today, with fuel cell technology now at the point where it can effectively run automobiles, BMW is introducing the i8 Hydrogen auto as the first of a new wave of vehicles using this remarkable power source. However, the BMW i8 Hydrogen is not the first hydrogen powered vehicle that was …

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Hydrogen Mobility Europe Launches Ambitious Plan

Hydrogen Mobility Europe (H2ME) has launched an ambitious plan to enable the growth of the number of fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs) and hydrogen refueling stations (HRS) throughout Europe. H2ME is based upon four of the other ambitious hydrogen vehicle and infrastructure plans in Europe including UK H2 Mobility, H2 MOBILITY …

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Self-Driving Versus Intelligent Cars

On May 05, 2015 I had asked “Dude, Where’s My Hydrogen Fuel Cell Driverless Car?” That call was answered in late August 2015 when Hyundai introduced their self-driving R auto that is now in development. Mercedes-Benz has also dipped both toes in the hydrogen fuel cell driverless auto arena by …

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