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Eleventh International Hydrail Conference: a first look at the program

by guest blogger Stan Thompson This year’s “11-IHC” is the first event since the International Hydrail Conference series began in 2005 when a major focus of the agenda will be on hydrogen fuel cell passenger railway equipment already being manufactured and in service. (see China now has two hydrail …

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Where Are All the Hydrail (Hydrogen Trains) in California?

Of all the U. S. states, California has shown the biggest commitment to clean transportation including fuel cell vehicles. In the Golden State there are fuel cell autos for sale and lease, fuel cell buses deployed north and south, fuel cell trucks and delivery vans gracing the roadways. With …

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The Finns Get Going with Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure

Earlier this week, two Finnish companies joined forces to create a hydrogen production demonstration in Italy using the local wastewater. Being of partly Finnish heritage myself, I share great interest in what the Finns are up to in regard to hydrogen and fuel cell technology. In May, 2013 Finland unveiled …

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Hydrogen trains (hydrail) are coming around the bend slowly but surely. When gleaned from clean sources, hydrogen is a very green, environmentally friendly source of power transmission that contributes no harmful emissions and is virtually limitless as a source of energy storage and transport. Thanks to continual advances, hydrogen is …

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Hydrogen Mobility Europe Launches Ambitious Plan

Hydrogen Mobility Europe (H2ME) has launched an ambitious plan to enable the growth of the number of fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs) and hydrogen refueling stations (HRS) throughout Europe. H2ME is based upon four of the other ambitious hydrogen vehicle and infrastructure plans in Europe including UK H2 Mobility, H2 MOBILITY …

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