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Ford H2ICE Shuttle Bus Update

Since I haven’t heard much about the Ford H2ICE (hydrogen internal combustion engine) shuttle buses that were rolled out between 2006 and 2008, I thought it was time for an update on this program. So, I ed a spokesperson for Ford Motor Company Communications and a Ford H2ICE Service Engineer …

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Computer Modeling Predicts 75-Percent Hydrogen Cars by 2060

Computer modeling is being used in an increasing numbers of cases in recent years to make predictions about different events and possible outcomes. NOAA uses computer modeling to predict the path and severity of hurricanes. A company called ESRI is currently using computer modeling to track and predict the outbreak …

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The Hydrogen Infrastructure You May Not Know

Last Friday I talked about how plug-in vehicles lack a recharging infrastructure. Critics of hydrogen autos typically say that there is absolutely no hydrogen infrastructure whatsoever inside the U. S. But, that is not true. While hydrogen autos do lack an adequate refueling infrastructure, there is already some production and …

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