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VW Space Up Blue

VW Space Up Blue A year ago, I had talked about Volkswagen developing a high temperature Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell. That high temperature fuel cell (HT-FC) is finally here and is 30-percent smaller than the smallest fuel cell on the market. 2007 VW Space Up Blue The company is using …

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Vision Tyrano Truck

Vision Tyrano Truck The Vision Industries Tyrano Truck is a heavy duty vehicle weighing 80,000 lbs. that runs on a hydrogen fuel cell plug-in hybrid electric batteries. The Tyrano truck was developed to haul autogo around the shipping ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach, California where smog from …

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Th!nk Nordic Hydrogen

Th!nk Nordic Hydrogen Th!nk Nordic, an offshoot of Ford Motor Company has developed a prototype hydrogen hybrid electric auto, known as Th!nk Hydrogen. The auto’s battery has a 90-mile range and can be recharged by plugging it into the wall. If you need to be able to drive a further …

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Mercedes Benz BlueZero F-Cell

Mercedes BlueZero F-Cell The Mercedes BlueZero F-Cell Concept debuted at the 2009 Detroit International Auto Show in January. Mercedes-Benz BlueZero F-Cell Concept The BlueZero F-cell is a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that has been unveiled at the same time as its all electric counterpart, the E-cell and the plug-in hybrid …

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Hydrogen On Demand

Hydrogen On Demand Hydrogen-on-demand systems within the automotive industry may one day rock the world. If the current hydrogen on demand systems that are being developed pan out or if future hydrogen-on-demand systems take hold, this could mean that building a huge hydrogen gas infrastructure is not necessary. A hydrogen …

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Honda FCX

Honda FCX The Honda FCX Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept Car will most likely be dubbed the 3rd generation Honda FCX H2 auto when it rolls off production lines in 2008. The newest Honda FCX Concept Car is more advanced than the current 2005 Honda FCX hydrogen auto that is currently …

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GM Hy-wire

GM Hy-wire The General Motors Hy-wire hydrogen fuel cell vehicle has set the standard even among other futuristic hydrogen autos. Within its 11-inch thick skateboard chassis, the GM Hy-wire contains fuel cell (94 kw), electric motors and drive system that gives the most advanced design flexibility of any auto to …

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Chevy Volt Hydrogen

Chevy Volt Hydrogen On April 19, 2007, GM unveiled it Chevy Volt Hydrogen concept automobile at the Shanghai Auto Show in China. Chevy Volt Hydrogen The Chevy Volt Hydrogen is an E-Flex plug-in hybrid electric vehicle based upon the gasoline hybrid electric Volt concept in showrooms as of 2009 …

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Ford Flexible Series Edge

Ford Flexible Series Edge with HySeries Drive Ford has done it again with its Flexible Series Edge SUV with HySeries Drive, another plug-in hybrid hydrogen vehicle from this automaker. The hybrid Edge further advances the real-world drivability not found in the Ford Airstream Concept that was rolled out earlier the …

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Ford Airstream Concept

Ford Airstream Concept The Ford Airstream Concept is a plug-in electric hybrid hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that turns silver into green. With a combined city / highway gas mileage of 41 mpg, the Ford Airstream combines the best of two iconic companies in a crossover vehicle meant to travel the …

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