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Resources – Hydrogen

Resources – Hydrogen Hydrogen resources from external websites are listed so that you can further your education about this subject. After finishing with our hydrogen auto website, please investigate some of the many fine hydrogen resource websites featured here as they also offer much valuable information on this topic. Hydrogen …

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Hydrogen Generator Types

Hydrogen Generator Types Hydrogen generator types come in three flavors. A hydrogen generator can be a system that creates hydrogen. Or, a hydrogen generator may be a system that is powered by H2. In a few cases, both are true. Creates H2 A hydrogen generator that creates hydrogen comes in …

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Hydrogen Raceautos

Hydrogen Raceautos and H2 Races Hydrogen race autos need to be in races in order to showcase to the world the upcoming hydrogen highways and hydrogen raceways of the future. New technology is most often showcased by the most dramatic means possible and running hydrogen race autos on hydrogen raceways …

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Hydrogen Fueling Stations

Hydrogen Fueling Stations Hydrogen fueling stations are an essential component to the success of future hydrogen autos running upon the nation’s hydrogen highways. With hydrogen fuel stations in place, one of the largest infrastructure challenges will be solved. But, this will not happen overnight. The hydrogen fueling stations of the …

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Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen Fuel Hydrogen fuel is also an energy autorier. In fact, many will argue that is all hydrogen fuel is. Since hydrogen does not occur on Earth in any significant amounts by itself (and this point is now up for debate and more natural hydrogen has been discovered) it must …

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Hydrogen from Water

Hydrogen from Water Producing hydrogen from water may be achieved in several different ways such as electrolysis, direct solar, thermo-nuclear high temperature cracking, using catalysts, using biomaterials or using some form of chemicals to split water (H2O) into H2 (hydrogen) and O (oxygen). Hydrogen from Water Advantages As you may …

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Hydrogen Conferences and Expos

Hydrogen Car Conferences, Trade Shows, Expositions & Exhibitions Hydrogen auto conferences, trade shows and expositions will surely hype the upcoming H2 vehicles that will change the landscape on how we fuel our autos, buses, trains, ships and even plains. The hydrogen auto exhibitions show off the latest in H2 technologies, …

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Green Algae Mutant Strains Used to Produce Hydrogen

Scientists at the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) are using green algae mutant strains (not to be confused with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) to produce hydrogen. The particular strain of algae is called Chlamydomonas reinhardtii which contains properties of both plants and animals. According to NREL, “The …

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