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Mercedes-Benz GLC F-Cell

A commercial hydrogen fuel cell plug-in hybrid is finally going to make it to the marketplace! Daimler has agreed to join forces with Mercedes-Benz engineers in order to develop a new, compact fuel cell system that will fit into the conventional engine compartment of the vehicle. The Mercedes-Benz GLC has …

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BMW Predicts FCEVs & BEVs Will Coexist in the Future

According to Merten Jung, BMW’s head of fuel cell development, in the future FCEVs (fuel cell electric vehicles) and BEVs (battery electric vehicles) will coexist and PHEVs (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) will fade into the sunset. Mr. Jung believes that PHEVs are simply transitional technology until FCEVs and BEVs take …

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Where Are All of the Hydrogen Trucks?

In the past I’ve written quite a bit about all different sizes and shapes of prototype hydrogen fuel cell and ICE (internal combustion engine) trucks. Since I haven’t talked about this recently I’m thinking now would be a good time to revisit this subject. Before their bankruptcy a couple of …

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Will the Toyota Prius Prime Kill the Hydrogen Car?

In December 2007, I posited the question of whether or not PHEVs (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles) will kill both EV’s and hydrogen autos. My reasoning was that if gasoline-electric PHEVs reach the 125mpg to 150mpg range, then consumers may dive into this type of vehicle leaving EVs and FCEVs in …

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BMW Series 5 GT Hydrogen

Created from the 5 Series Gran Turismo with the system co-developed by Toyota, the BMW Series 5 GT Hydrogen auto promises to deliver excellent performance with zero emissions. The new 5 GT Series also sports an added advantage over pure plug-in electrical vehicles as it does not have the lengthy …

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BMW i8 Hydrogen

Today, with fuel cell technology now at the point where it can effectively run automobiles, BMW is introducing the i8 Hydrogen auto as the first of a new wave of vehicles using this remarkable power source. However, the BMW i8 Hydrogen is not the first hydrogen powered vehicle that was …

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Honda FCV

The Honda FCV Concept vehicle has made its debut at the North American International Auto Show and a variation of this will go on sale for the 2016 model year. This new Honda model represents a powerful leap forward in technology and is considered by many to be on the …

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