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HyPod Hydrogen Homes Heralded by Savvy Scots

The Hydrogen Production Unit (HyPod) of the PURE Energy Centre in conjunction with Fuel Cell Scotland is creating a development of off-grid hydrogen homes in Unst, Shetland Islands. Last year I had talked about how PURE was developing a wind farm project on Unst, Scotland to turn wind energy into …

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Rochester Hydrogen Village People Enthused

Rochester, New York, the home to Rochester Institute of Technology and Eastman Kodak and voted the 6th best place to live in the U. S. is now vying to become the country’s first “Hydrogen Village”. And, the hydrogen village people couldn’t be happier. Now, there may not be an Indian …

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Jumping Aboard the Hydrogen Bandwagon

A reader, Collin T. ed me with a lot of enthusiasm, wanting to get involved in the hydrogen revolution. Here is what he said: Collin T.: I get shivers down my spine when I see technology such as covered in your website. My dream is to own a hybrid auto …

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Hydrogen Cars Versus Electric Vehicles

Jeff has sent in his thoughts concerning hydrogen autos versus electric vehicles and makes some good points. Jeff: I’m an advocate of a clean energy near future as it sound you are. I’m interested in your thoughts on hydrogen-powered vehicles vs. simpler battery-electrics. It seems to me that battery electrics …

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Solar-Hydrogen House in Washington State

Yesterday I blogged about the solar-hydrogen home being built on an island in the Caribbean. On previous occasions, I’ve talked about other hydrogen homes that have already been built and are functioning in New Jersey, New York, Arizona and New Mexico. Now, I would like to give a little attention …

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GM’s Dr. Lars-Peter Thiesen Speaks About HydroGen3

There is a video circulating of General Motor’s Dr. Lars-Peter Thiesen speaking about the hydrogen fuel cell in a GM HydroGen3 in Germany. The HydroGen3 is a part of the Clean Energy Partnership Berlin demonstration project, which is made up of a consortium of hydrogen auto manufacturers and infrastructure developers. …

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125 MPG Plug-In Hydrogen Prius Only Matter of Time

Okay, so I like to dream a bit, which is a prerequisite for a hydrogen auto guy like myself. Once I read this article about a plug-in Toyota Prius with a lithium ion phosphate battery, LiFePO4, that gets 125 mpg (by Lithium Technology Corporation of Pennsylvania) that got my mental …

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Hydrogen On Demand May Be At Your Command

Hydrogen on demand is not a new topic. Yesterday, I blogged about how Drano or a similar caustic substance may one day be used with water and aluminum to produce a hydrogen on demand reaction to power vehicles. Companies like those mentioned in that blog Hydrogen Power Incorporated, Ecotality, …

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