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Questions About Hydrogen Cars from Pennsylvania Man

Robert G. in Pennsylvania sent in a whole list of enthusiastic questions about hydrogen autos and the building of the supporting infrastructure and I’ve answered several of the questions here. Robert said, “Every time I go to the pump and continually see the price of gas creep towards $4.00 a …

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Virgin Airlines Teams Up With GM Hydrogen Cars

Just days after Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines drank jet-grade biofuel made from Brazilian babassu nuts and coconuts, the maverick CEO announced that his company was teaming up with automaker GM to provide hydrogen autos at airports to Upper Class passengers. Branson, an advocate for the world tourism and …

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Why Can’t I Buy A Hydrogen Car Now?

Several people have emailed me recently who want to buy a hydrogen auto now, so I thought I would do a post on why we must wait a bit for this to happen. Bryan S. sent in this question regarding buying a hydrogen auto, “Why is it these automakers will …

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SeaWorld Shows Off Hydrogen Buses

SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida will be showing off two new Ford F-450 hydrogen shuttle buses starting today. The shuttle buses will tote tourists between the three properties of Aquatica, Discovery Cove and SeaWorld. According to BizJournals, “SeaWorld will use the vehicles for the first time Feb. 20, when a team …

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Hydrogen Generator for On-Demand Use

There are many uses for a hydrogen generator, from backyard experiments to electrical backup power to automotive applications to high purity uses for the industrial and laboratory sectors and for large power plants. The word “hydrogen generator” can be taken in two different ways. First, it can mean a system …

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Iceland Healed By Hertz Hydrogen Rental Cars

I want to follow up with a story I had talked about last week concerning Hertz hydrogen autos for rent in Iceland. Hertz has acquired three of 10 converted Toyota Priuses that use compressed hydrogen gas. Iceland has just converted the world’s first hydrogen filling station to now be open …

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A Glimpse at Tomorrow’s Hydrogen Infrastructure

Tomorrow’s hydrogen infrastructure will not be the same as today’s gasoline infrastructure. The naysayers of hydrogen technology point out how overwhelming it will be to set up a hydrogen infrastructure that models the current gasoline infrastructure and they may be right. Producing hydrogen gas in centralized facilities and then piping, …

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