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Next Hydrogen Fueling Station Opens in UK

It’s groovy, baby, as Austin Powers might say that a hydrogen fueling station is opening at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, which is currently the country’s only station. London had a temporary station that opened in 2005 by oil giant BP as part of the CUTE demonstration …

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A Futuristic Look at Hydrogen Vehicles

A publication called Seeking Alpha released an online article called “Global Warming Up to a Hydrogen Economy” that takes an interesting peek into what the future may look like for hydrogen autos and the economy. For instance, they predict that one day, fuel cells will rely heavily on rare earth …

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Hydrogen Manhattan Project Rallying Cries Increase

For those who thought that the Olympic torch in San Francisco recently brought out many rallying cries from anti-Chinese government activists, there is another rallying cry escalating in the environmental movement. What some have referred to as the “Hydrogen Manhattan Project” over the years is now seen as something that …

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Cost of Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure

The cost of building a hydrogen fueling infrastructure is an often debated subject. Critics say the costs are too high especially when only a few number of vehicles have been built. Carmakers say they don’t want to built more autos until an infrastructure is in place in which to refuel …

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Honda Civic GX CNG to Compete with Hydrogen Cars

The new Honda Civic GX compressed natural gas (CNG) automobile has thrown down the gauntlet towards hydrogen autos. For the fifth year in a row the Honda Civic GX natural gas vehicle has won the ACEEE “Greenest Vehicles” award. The Honda Civic GX CNG beats out the Toyota Prius with …

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