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Will New York Be the Next Hydrogen State?

In the U. S., California leads other states with 29 hydrogen fueling stations in operation (but not all open to the public). According to the National Hydrogen Association website, New York state has only one operational hydrogen fueling station in White Plains with six more planned elsewhere around the state …

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Why Not a Hydrogen Powered AeroCivic?

I’ve said before that the key to going forward with a hydrogen transportation system is to use less hydrogen. It makes no sense to replace the current 380 million barrels of oil per month the U. S. is currently importing with a comparable amount of hydrogen, biofuels or coal added …

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Hydrogen Needs to Be on President Obama’s To-Do List

Now, I don’t generally comment on the opinions of what other people write in other online newspapers and magazines, but there is a piece in the Hartford Courant that merits some discussion. The article “A Letter to President Obama: A Technological To-Do List” talks about technology in general and hydrogen …

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U. S. Air Force Turning to Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power

A week ago I talked about how the U. S. Army decided to install hydrogen fueling stations to cleanly refuel their test fleet of hydrogen autos. The fueling stations are solar powered and use water so zero emissions are generated from well to wheel, as they say (in the oil …

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