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A Hydrogen Car for Every Hydrogen Home in New Jersey?

Something special is happening in East Amwell, New Jersey. Mike Strizki, an engineer by trade and an employee of Advanced Solar Products is in the final stages of building the nation’s first solar / hydrogen-powered home. The hydrogen home sits on 12-acres in the Sourland Mountains and, according to Strizki, …

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Hydrogen Fuel About to Get Much Cheaper

A report from Bloomberg says that hydrogen fuel might be about to become a lot cheaper than it presently is. Hydrogen gas production costs are falling, and experts predict that in the years to come it will continue to see hydrogen become cheaper and cheaper. The cost of producing hydrogen …

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Personally Experiencing Hydrogen and Fuel Cell History

 “I don’t believe that a hydrogen economy depends on a autobon economy at all.” Larry Burns My interpretation of Larry Burns’ quote is that he anticipates power from free green energy will soon deliver the means for producing hydrogen for the new H2 economy. (At present, most H2 is produced …

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