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Residential Fuel Cells for Hurricane Season

In the past few years, many of the residents of the Gulf Coast have been rocked by hurricanes, hunkering down in their homes as they lose power from the grid, sometime for days. Now that we’re heading into the full swing of another hurricane season, some residents are turning to …

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Florida Governor Puts Fuel Cells in Mansion

Florida Governor Charlie Crist is getting onboard the hydrogen bandwagon by installing a fuel cell in the governor’s mansion in Tallahassee. The 5 kw fuel cell will use natural gas reformed into hydrogen and produce electricity to power lights and appliances around the home. The governor’s mansion will also have …

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Ammonia Car Being Developed at Ohio University

Last week I had talked about ammonia autos being developed by several different manufacturers. The ammonia would be used either for reforming and running through fuel cells or used in internal combustion engines. Today, I would like to offer an update as researchers at Ohio University are also developing their …

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FutureGen Chooses WGI for Clean Coal Plant

A few months ago, I blogged about how China was joining the U. S. FutureGen Initiative and that India had already joined. Now, the FutureGen Industrial Alliance has chosen the Washington Group International (WGI) to help build the world’s first clean coal power plant prototype. WGI has 25,000 employees in …

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New York City Distributes Green Map to Residents

New York City has developed a green map so that businesses and residents may work and live in a more environmentally conscious manner. There are many tips on the green map for saving energy such as using a bicycle more often or using compact fluorescent light bulbs at home and …

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Drano-Powered Cars May Be the Future

Chemists have known for a long time that hydrogen can be created by combining a drain cleaner such as Drano with aluminum and water. This is where I insert the “don’t try this at home” disclaimer. There are many videos floating around the Internet such as on YouTube or Google …

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Solar Going Up, Spreading Out and Coming Down

In auto and bike racing terms, one may say that hydrogen is drafting solar energy. I’ve blogged before that a revolution in solar energy will most likely lead to a revolution in hydrogen power as well. So, following in this train of thought, its time to do another checkup of …

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