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Nickel-Hydrogen Batteries for Hydrogen Cars?

Now days most models of hydrogen fuel cell autos come with some sort of hybrid or plug-in hybrid batteries to increase mileage and range of the vehicle. The major automakers have come to realizing that the marrying of these two technologies (fuel cells and batteries) will be a winning combination …

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The Hydrogen Infrastructure You May Not Know

Last Friday I talked about how plug-in vehicles lack a recharging infrastructure. Critics of hydrogen autos typically say that there is absolutely no hydrogen infrastructure whatsoever inside the U. S. But, that is not true. While hydrogen autos do lack an adequate refueling infrastructure, there is already some production and …

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Hydrogen Development News from Around the World

Since I tend to be U. S. centric and especially California centric when I talk about hydrogen autos, vehicles and the upcoming hydrogen economy I thought it would be fun, to take a break from this and point out many different hydrogen developments from around the globe. For instance, in …

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