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Computer Modeling Predicts 75-Percent Hydrogen Cars by 2060

Computer modeling is being used in an increasing numbers of cases in recent years to make predictions about different events and possible outcomes. NOAA uses computer modeling to predict the path and severity of hurricanes. A company called ESRI is currently using computer modeling to track and predict the outbreak …

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Competing Technologies within Hydrogen Car Community

Not only is the hydrogen auto industry being pressured by outside competition such as electric autos and those that run on biofuels, but there is competition within the hydrogen auto industry itself. Many people are anxious to get going on building a supporting infrastructure to support hydrogen autos. Yet others …

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Gensler Hydrogenerator Sparks Chicago’s Bloomingdale Trail

Gensler Design along with 4240 Architecture has just won a silver Spark Award for design excellence in transforming a 3-mile section of one of Chicago’s abandoned railway lines (pictured left) into a solar and Hydrogenerator powered farm and trail way. The idea is to transform the old Bloomingdale railroad viaduct that …

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