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Hydrogen Rumor Mill

Hydrogen Rumor Mill This is the hydrogen rumor mill page. On this page we’ve decided to place some factual, semi-factual, downright non-factual material along with conjecture, hear-say and basic run-of-the-mill rumors. We’ve also decided to mix in some truth, just to throw you off. As we’re able to verify or …

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European Union Hydrogen Highway

European Union Hydrogen Highway The European Union hydrogen highway network is at present a loose affiliation of H2 refueling stations developed by various countries. Leading the charge is Germany who has the most hydrogen refueling stations with 30 followed by everyone else. European Union Hydrogen Highway But, the Members of …

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United Hydrail Nations

by guest blogger Stan Thompson This update follows much farther behind the wonderfully successful 9th International Hydrail Conference in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany (June 2014) than I had intended.  The reason is one I can’t regret: the cast of international players on the hydrail stage has grown so large, and there are so many  intertwining plots, that …

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Neumünster, Germany, Hosts 9th International Hydrail Conference

by guest blogger Stan Thompson Neumünster, in the Northern German State of Schleswig-Holstein, will host the Ninth International Hydrail Conference (“9IHC”) on 16-18 June this year (2014). This year’s registration details, presenters and agenda information appear on the Appalachian State University hydrail web site, German support for the Hydrail Conference has …

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27 Hydrogen Stations Opened in 2012

Twenty-seven hydrogen fueling stations opened worldwide in the year 2012. This, according to who tracks the openings and closings of hydrogen fueling stations all over the earth. The addition of 27 new stations brings the total to 208 H2 fueling stations worldwide. Eighty stations are in Europe, 76 in …

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by guest blogger Stan Thompson Toronto (Ontario) Canada will be the location of the Eighth International Hydrail Conference (8IHC) on 11 and 12 June, 2013. The venue and the first of the slate of presenters will be announced shortly. The International Hydrail Conferences are annual gatherings of academic, government and …

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