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Ace is the Place for Hydrogen Lift Trucks

Ace Hardware has signed an agreement to buy 65 GenDrive hydrogen fuel cell powered lift trucks for its new facility in Wilmer, Texas. The lift trucks are being manufactured by Crown Equipment Corporation and the fuel cells are made by Plug Power, Inc. According to Plug Power, Inc., “Plug Power’s …

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Air Products Dedicates 600-Mile Hydrogen Pipeline

I’ve talked about the company Air Products many times in the past as one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of hydrogen gas. Now, the company has dedicated the world’s largest hydrogen pipeline running between Texas and Louisiana. According to Your Houston News, “Air Products, the leading global hydrogen …

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Alabama to Get Hydrogen Bus and Fueling Station

The Deep South isn’t known for being socially or technically progressive. Up until now Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana have yet to have a hydrogen auto or bus driving around their states. Now, Alabama has decided to cast off the past a bit and step into the future by bringing …

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In U. S. and Europe Hydrogen Stations Have Doubled in 4 Years is reporting that 12 new hydrogen stations opened worldwide in 2011. The information comes from perusing the information on the website which keeps track of hydrogen fueling stations, opened, planned or closed globally. According to, “In 2011, worldwide, 12 new hydrogen fueling stations have been opened. This …

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