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A Coke Some Hydrogen Forklifts and a Smile

Coca-Cola Incorporated has purchased, received and are using 37 Plug Power GenDrive fuel cell powered Caterpillar lift trucks at their 250,000 square foot facility in San Leandro, California. This is their second such commercial order. The first was at the Charlotte, NC production center in 2009 where they purchased 40 …

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Hydrogen Trucks and Utility Vehicles Get Boost

In the last 3 blog posts I’ve talked about hydrogen forklifts and hydrogen fuel cell range extenders for all-electric vehicles. In this post I would like to talk about hydrogen trucks and utility vehicles including those with fuel cell range extenders. I’ve talked about hydrogen trucks before. And in the …

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FedEx Switches to Hydrogen Forklifts

Companies are getting wise to the merits of using hydrogen forklifts and palette trucks for cleaning up the indoor air quality of large warehouse facilities. And, hydrogen forklifts are not something I’ve been shy in talking about. I’ve made 15 posts about hydrogen forklifts in the last 10 months. I’ve …

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