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Solar-Hydrogen House in Washington State

Yesterday I blogged about the solar-hydrogen home being built on an island in the Caribbean. On previous occasions, I’ve talked about other hydrogen homes that have already been built and are functioning in New Jersey, New York, Arizona and New Mexico. Now, I would like to give a little attention …

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Hydrogen House at Florida State University Goes Off-Grid

Florida State University (FSU) is building the state’s first Off-Grid Zero Emission Building (OGZEB) under the guidance of professor Anjaneyulu Krothapalli, other faculty and graduate students. The hydrogen-solar house will create electricity by day using solar panels and at night, the house will be powered by hydrogen, created by using …

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Photovoltaic Revolution May Spur Hydrogen Revolution

Many scientists, engineers, academics and environmentalists believe that we are on the edge of a photovoltaic revolution right now. Using solar energy cells (photovoltaic) to create energy is nothing new as the industry has been charging ahead for the past 30 or so years trying to produce photovoltaic cells that …

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Hydrogen Cars and Fueling Stations Go Dutch

The Energy Research Center of the Netherlands (ECN) has opened it first hydrogen fueling station on Friday, October 27 in Petten. The hydrogen filling station will be used to fuel up ECN’s HydroGEM PEM fuel cell vehicle. The HydroGEM’s fuel cell and vehicle system have been built entirely by ECN, …

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New Hydrogen Production Technologies Promising

Hydrogen production has been a sticking point in the desire to move to a hydrogen-based transportation system and hydrogen economy. How do we go about producing enough hydrogen to fuel autos, businesses and homes? Most current hydrogen production centers around steam-reforming natural gas. Much research is being conducted, however, on …

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Honda FCX Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Is Tilting At Windmills

There was a blog posting at that started off innocent enough talking about the new Honda FCX that was just demoed this week in Northern California to the public. From this posting the conversation quickly turned to windmills for generating renewable hydrogen to power the vehicles. The usual topics …

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Outside-The-Box Infrastructure Needed for Hydrogen Cars

An article in called, “Hydrogen and fuel cells: fake promises?” talks about all of the problems associated with moving to a hydrogen economy and hydrogen infrastructure within the transportation industry. Granted, there are many problems that need to be fixed in order for a smooth transition to hydrogen to …

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