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Florida Ripening Its Hydrogen Technology

So much has been written about hydrogen technology growing by leaps and bounds in California that it often overshadows other locations. But, Florida has also been making strides towards getting into the hydrogen game as they have recently installed their second hydrogen fueling station and are creating the state’s first …

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Advocates Looking to Drive Hydrogen RV

Over the weekend, I received a letter from Rick and Rebecca from Kennesaw, Georgia. The letter was a bit unusual, first because I usually receive email and second because it was printed out with full-color photos depicting flowing water. Rebecca starts of the letter saying that they are “sick of …

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A Glimpse at Tomorrow’s Hydrogen Infrastructure

Tomorrow’s hydrogen infrastructure will not be the same as today’s gasoline infrastructure. The naysayers of hydrogen technology point out how overwhelming it will be to set up a hydrogen infrastructure that models the current gasoline infrastructure and they may be right. Producing hydrogen gas in centralized facilities and then piping, …

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First Home Fuel Cell Installation in Texas Completed

It’s Halloween and the first completed installation of a home fuel cell installation in Texas has just been announced. This PEM fuel cell does not run on ghost-power, however (Who you gonna call?). But, it does run on hydrogen. In July of this year, I had talked about the Hydra …

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Rochester Hydrogen Village People Enthused

Rochester, New York, the home to Rochester Institute of Technology and Eastman Kodak and voted the 6th best place to live in the U. S. is now vying to become the country’s first “Hydrogen Village”. And, the hydrogen village people couldn’t be happier. Now, there may not be an Indian …

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Green Monster Hydrogen Car Hits Hawaii

When people think of the Green Monster, images of Fenway Park’s 37-foot wall in left field come to mind. But, students in Hawaii hit their own home run with their own homegrown Green Monster, a hydrogen raceauto about the size of a loaf of bread. Recent high school graduates at …

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Hydrogen Generators See Demand Rising

The interest, ordering and sales of hydrogen generators has been spiking recently. Large commercial hydrogen generators, portable hydrogen generators and home hydrogen generators have all been in demand. Large commercials hydrogen generators that are electrolysis based are used in the production of LCD’s and semiconductors. These generators clean the semiconductors …

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Fox Slyly Promotes Hydrogen

Following in the footsteps of Google, Yahoo, Subaru Motors, Al Gore and Prince Charles, Fox News has also made the commitment to becoming autobon neutral. CEO Rupert Murdoch, who is a native of Melbourne, Australia, announced the Fox Cool Change Initiative a couple of months back. What this means is …

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Solar Farms Good for Hydrogen Economy

I’ve stated before on numerous occasions that the upcoming solar revolution will be followed by the hydrogen revolution. This is because the two technologies complement one another so well. When an over-abundance of solar energy is produced and needs to be stored, then storing solar energy as hydrogen makes a …

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