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StarTech No Carbon Hydrogen Engine Powers Up

StarTech Environmental Corporation, an award-winning environment and energy company, on an international scale has decided to put waste to use and power a hydrogen engine with it. The StarTech hydrogen engine is not a fuel cell, but rather an internal combustion engine coupled with an electric generator. While other manufacturers …

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Hydrogen-Powered NASA VASIMR to Be Tested on ISS

Two days ago I talked about jetpacks so today I thought I would speak a bit about rocket science in outer space. According to FlightGlobal, NASA is close to announcing the testing of their hydrogen-powered plasma fueled VASIMR engine on the International Space Station (ISS). The next step will be …

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MIT Creates Cheap Hydrogen from Solar Power

A major breakthrough in creating massive amounts of cheap hydrogen via the electrolysis of water has been achieved by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). A year and a half ago I had talked about how a photovoltaic revolution may spur a hydrogen revolution. The MIT scientists agree …

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EERC Says Hydrogen Cars Ready in 4 to 5 Years

Since I had talked about timelines yesterday for rolling out hydrogen autos and how the critics want to drag this process out for decades, I thought I would follow up today with a short timeline from a hydrogen advocate. According to Dr. Gerald Groenewold, the Director of EERC (Energy & …

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Steve W. and Hydrogen Conversion Kits – Part 2

In part one yesterday, Steve W. talks about partnering up Pep Boys with Intergalactic Hydrogen to sell H2 conversion kits for ICE vehicles nationwide. In part 2, Steve gives more detailed plans about his vision for the hydrogen fueling station and considers ITM Power as a potential supplier of that …

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