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California Tries to Reboot Hydrogen Highway

A couple of weeks ago I read where the West Coast Electric Highway was now open for business, starting in Oregon and the plans are for it to reach all the way to the southern tip of California. This got me to thinking about whatever happened to the West Coast …

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In U. S. and Europe Hydrogen Stations Have Doubled in 4 Years is reporting that 12 new hydrogen stations opened worldwide in 2011. The information comes from perusing the information on the website which keeps track of hydrogen fueling stations, opened, planned or closed globally. According to, “In 2011, worldwide, 12 new hydrogen fueling stations have been opened. This …

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Berkeley Lab Produces Hydrogen from Acidic Water

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) has developed a technique to produce hydrogen from acidic water. What the researchers there have done is create a molecule that is structurally and chemically similar to the industrial catalyst molybdenite. The new molecule will replace platinum as the …

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