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EU Joint Technology Initiative Plans Hydrogen Future

The European Union Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Joint Technology Initiative (JTI) has allocated $679 million USD for research and development aimed at escalating the timeframe for rollout of new technology. The JTI is a public – private partnership and part of the Seventh Framework Program that focuses on research, development …

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Hydrogen Cities More Likely Scenario

The Hydrogen Highway was a grand plan four years ago to turn the West Coat into a network of H2 autos and refueling stations. Because of various setbacks including the national and California economic crisis being two of them, a more likely scenario is that Hydrogen Cities will emerge first. …

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Hydrogen Transportation Chicken Or Egg Obstacles

This week, the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is talking about the chicken or egg phenomenon as it applies to hydrogen autos and the supporting infrastructure. The chicken or the egg argument basically says that no one will want to buy a hydrogen auto because there are too few fueling …

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Hydrogen Engine Center and ITM Power Team Up

Two of my favorite subjects of discussion over these past few months, ITM Power and the Hydrogen Engine Center (HOC) have joined forces to promote the hydrogen economy and fueling infrastructure. The Hydrogen Engine Center, based in Algona, Iowa has just shipped an 8 kw hydrogen-powered generator to ITM Power …

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