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Hydrogen Needs to Be on President Obama’s To-Do List

Now, I don’t generally comment on the opinions of what other people write in other online newspapers and magazines, but there is a piece in the Hartford Courant that merits some discussion. The article “A Letter to President Obama: A Technological To-Do List” talks about technology in general and hydrogen …

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Ethanol to Hydrogen Fuel Conversion In the Works

Last summer I had talked about how hydrogen on demand technology may one day be paired up with the emerging ethanol infrastructure. At that time, Ohio State University researchers discovered that using cerium oxide, calcium and cobalt will split ethanol into hydrogen cheaply and efficiently. Now, researchers at the U. …

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University of Birmingham Develops Hydrogen Ring

There was a press release put out today that basically reiterates the unveiling of a small fleet of hydrogen autos by the University of Birmingham in the UK. In late September, the University accepted delivery of 5 fuel cell Microcabs for real world testing. In April I had talked about …

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Hilary Swank Drives BMW Hydrogen 7

Back in August 2007, I talked about how Will Ferrell was the first celebrity given the keys to the BMW Hydrogen 7 for everyday use. This week, two time Academy Award actress Hilary Swank has also been given the keys to the vehicle. In-between there have been many other celebrities …

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Hydrogen Powered Vending Machine by Jofemar Goes Public

While the debate rages on about whether or not hydrogen autos make sense in the marketplace, one vendor has thrown caution to the wind and has decided to rollout hydrogen-powered vending machines before the hungry public. Jofemar has unveiled the world’s first such H2 vending machines at St. Louis, Missouri’s …

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