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Opel May Launch Flagship Fuel Cell Vehicle in 2016

When you’re feeling a little left behind by the competition what do you do? You announce an aggressive plan to play catch up. This is what it seems that Opel/Vauxhall is doing in the fuel cell vehicle market. Opel has announced that they intend to bring a premium, luxury hydrogen …

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Airplane Nose Wheel Power by Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Okay, so this story isn’t as exciting as one about a new hydrogen auto prototype or a hydrogen-powered airplane but it is significant nonetheless. DLR and Airbus have designed a hydrogen-powered nose wheel for a large aircraft for the purpose of taxiing around the Hamburg, Germany airport. The DLR A320 …

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Hydrogen Boat Catches Fire No One Hurt

A 100-passenger hydrogen-powered boat in Hamburg, Germany called the Alsterwasser caught fire last year destroying much of the ship but no one was injured. There were no dramatic explosions of hydrogen tanks as one might see in a movie. Nothing happened and the two 50 kW (67 hp) fuel cells …

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Mercedes Bringing Fuel Cell Cars to Showrooms in 2014

In a surprise announcement, Chairman of Daimler AG Dieter Zetsche said that Mercedes will introduce a production hydrogen fuel cell auto into showrooms as early as 2014. On January 10, 2011 I had talked about how the Mercedes B-Class F-Cell (several of them) had started a world tour to prove …

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Baking Powder as Fuel for Hydrogen Cars

As silly as this first may seem, let’s not throw any alternative off the table just yet when it comes to future fuel sources for hydrogen autos. A team of researchers at Leibnitz Institute for Catalysis (Rostock, Germany) believe that common baking soda holds the key for chemical hydrogen storage …

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