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EU Passes US Spending on Hydrogen Cars

As the Obama Administration is slashing the budget and zeroing out hydrogen auto development, the European Union is upping the ante. Last week I talked about how President Obama and the DOE’s Energy Secretary Steven Chu chopped the hydrogen budget down 60-percent to $68.2 million and this money is for …

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Obama and Hydrogen Don’t Mix According to Bloomberg is reporting that President Obama has turned a cold shoulder to hydrogen autos in favor of plug-in electric vehicles (PHEVs). According to Bloomberg, Honda is also concerned of this shift from the Bush regime who favored hydrogen to the Obama team who favors PHEVs and battery electric vehicles (BAVs). …

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The Hydrogen Cars in Spain Are Anything but Plain

In July 2008, I had talked about the H2CAR fuel cell vehicle being unveiled in the Tecnalia region of Spain. The H2CAR, besides using hydrogen, is also a plug-in hybrid that recharges using a normal household 220v outlet. But now, the Grupo Hidrógeno (Hydrogen Group) from the University of Navarre …

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Is Nissan Throwing Their Hydrogen Cars Under the Bus?

According to All Electric Cars (AEC), an EV advocacy website, Nissan has decided to swear off hydrogen autos in favor of all electric vehicles. According to this EV advocacy group, the Renault-Nissan alliance has decided that battery electric vehicles are the future even with their limited range and long recharging …

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EcoCar NeXt Challenge Starts 3-Year Competition

The EcoCar: The NeXt Challenge is a 3-year competition among the advanced vehicle engineering departments of 17 different colleges nationwide. The parties putting on this competition include the U. S. DOE, General Motors and the Argonne National Laboratory. The point is to take a GM Saturn Vue vehicle and design …

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