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Not So Green Hydrogen Buses Reshipped to London

Critics have been talking about how the Transport for London project which includes building several H2 buses for the British metropolitan area is not as green of a project as it appears. And, they have a point. The five hydrogen powered buses will be build in Northern Ireland, then shipped …

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Riversimple Hyrban FCV Plans Being Published Online

Yesterday I pondered a pairing between the Horizon HydroFill home hydrogen refueling products and the Riversimple fuel cell vehicle. In June 2009 I had talked about how the Riversimple, which by the way autories a Horizon 6 kw fuel cell, is an open source vehicle that many are able to …

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GM Chevy Equinox FC Consumer Video Released

A company called HandbookLive has just produced a video for General Motors and its Chevy Equinox Fuel Cell Vehicle. The video is unlike many others in that it not only features the fuel cell components but other features of the vehicle that make this more of a general consumer video …

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StarTech No Carbon Hydrogen Engine Powers Up

StarTech Environmental Corporation, an award-winning environment and energy company, on an international scale has decided to put waste to use and power a hydrogen engine with it. The StarTech hydrogen engine is not a fuel cell, but rather an internal combustion engine coupled with an electric generator. While other manufacturers …

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HHO Generator Saves Fuel in Automobiles

I’ve written a lot lately about hydrogen generators for autos and trucks. Since there seems to be peak interest in this subject right now and new products and ebooks on the market for the DIY’er to build his or her own HHO generator, I would like to visit this subject …

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