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Mercedes Benz F015 Fuel Cell

Mercedes Benz F015 Fuel Cell Concept Car

Mercedes-Benz has been on the leading edge of the luxury auto industry for decades and they are moving forward with the introduction of their F015 Luxury in Motion fuel cell vehicle. Going beyond expectations is part of what Mercedes-Benz is all about, but this new vehicle promises to be more than just a luxury auto with a different engine system, but instead a revolution in how people view vehicles.

This is because the F015 combines arguably the two greatest innovations in the auto industry over the past two decades, hydrogen fuel cells and autonomous driving. Thanks to advancing connected auto technology, both systems are now fully ready to be employed and the F015 is the combination of both which transforms it from a vehicle to a mobile living space.

Hydrogen Power

The hydrogen fuel cell has been in development for over five decades and promises to be a revolution in fuel sources. Fossil fuels give off air pollution and battery electric vehicles are very slow to recharge, making them still unpractical for day-to-day driving. The hydrogen fuel cell burns clean energy with no air pollution and can be quickly refueled much like ordinary gasoline or diesel which makes them highly practical as well.

The vehicle has a range (in theory) of about 684 miles including the first 124 miles by battery power and then 560 miles from hydrogen fuel cell. The fuel cell itself has a peak output of around 272 hp driving its two rear mounted electric motors. The top speed for the Mercedes F015 is around 125 mph with 0 to 62 mph acceleration of around 6.7 seconds.

Automated Driving

Thanks to advancing computer technology, automated intelligent autos are now arriving on roadways around the world. In fact, the only restrictions are found in the numerous laws, rules and regulations that many countries have about having a driver behind the wheel. Thanks to the many advances which have been tested over the past five years, driverless vehicles are now safe and practical.

In fact, driverless autos offer many advantages as they have shown to greatly reduce accidents to the point where when all vehicles share this autonomous, self-driving auto technology they may become very few and far between. In addition to the safety factor is the concept of how this technology can really expand people’s horizons when it comes to how they use their vehicles.

Modern Luxury

In addition to the revolutionary fuel source, the F015 offers drivers a new level of comfort that has yet to be experienced thank to the utilization of space inside the vehicle. Because there is no need to drive the vehicle thanks to the automated system, the driver can turn the chair around and face the others in the vehicle which is then maximized for interior space.

The low-slung front end, streamlined roof and flat windscreen in the front create a silhouette unlike any other vehicle on the road today. Instantly recognizable, yet highly practical and fuel-efficient, the F015 is simply a remarkable piece of design that combines a very attractive shape with a powerful visual appearance.

The four-seat design is bold and futuristic in design which creates a lounge-type interior that offers passengers a new way to travel. So striking and innovative is the F015 that it has already created shock waves about the future of vehicles.

The F015 brings the future into today thanks to its remarkable design and ambition that creates an entirely new experience out on the road.

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