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Kenworth T680 Fuel Cell Heavy Truck


Kenworth T680 FCEV

Kenworth is now aiming to create new eco-friendly and energy efficient heavy-duty trucks without sacrificing their products’ power and performance. The Kenworth T680 hydrogen prototype runs on a powerful fuel cell together with lithium-ion batteries. With this combination, the T680 promises zero-emissions within the trucking industry.

This powerful and environmentally friendly model was unveiled in the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show that was held in Las Vegas, Nevada in January. This hydrogen fuel cell truck is also part of the esteemed PACCAR innovations exhibit. It was the first time both Kenworth and PACCAR displayed their products at the exhibit which drew almost 200,000 visitors.

According to Stephan Olsen, Kenworth director of product planning. “Kenworth’s hydrogen fuel-cell T680 is a reality. The T680 has been running trials in the Seattle area and performing very well. The next step is real-world testing with Total Transportation Services Inc. at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in Southern California.”

 Kenworth Fuel Cell


Taking Part in the Energy-Efficiency Movement

The company’s new model takes pride in being able to innovate energy-efficient products which will be the future of trucking. The T680 model is part of the Zero Emission Cargo Transport (ZECT) demo. This project is managed by the Southern California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD).

The T680’s hydrogen fuel cell allows the vehicle to combine ambient air and compressed hydrogen gas in order to produce electricity with just water vapor at the truck’s tailpipe. The electricity that the fuel cell produces can power up its dual-rotor electric motor in order for it to move and haul. The motor can generate 565 horsepower, which makes this truck operate as a Class 8 vehicle.

The truck’s power is not only limited to powering up and charging the truck’s lithium-ion batteries. It also uses its hydrogen fuel cell to power up its power steering and brake air compressor.

The T680’s hybrid drive system directs where to send the truck’s energy based on what the vehicle needs at the moment. Running at a range of 150 miles (using 6 onboard 5kg hydrogen fueling tanks at 5,000 psi), Kenworth’s T680 fuel cell vehicle is perfect for short haul trips and shipping port operations. The heavy-duty fuel cell truck can travel over 30-miles on battery power alone can achieve speeds of up to 65 mph.

Stephan Olsen also emphasizes how the new T680 FCEV (fuel cell electric vehicle) performs better than a lot of diesel trucks currently sold in the market. This gives a lot of promise that zero emissions trucking will be available in the near future.

Kenworth’s latest addition to its line of powerful and performing truck models was made possible by the U.S. Department of Energy. Thanks to the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s $2.8 million grant, Kenworth was able to develop this promising hydrogen-based and state-of-the-art vehicle.

Kenworth FCEV Truck Close Up


A Powerful T680

The current and traditional Kenworth T680 is already a powerful vehicle on its own. Packed with impressive features and specifications, it remains as one of the top available trucks in the industry today.

One of its notable features is the truck’s highly evolved aerodynamic tractor that’s built for long-haul trips. The truck’s aerodynamic enhancements is a factory-installed feature that reduces its drag to a minimum.

Another cutting-edge feature from Kenworth T680 is its Idle Management System. This technology reduces the need to operate the truck during off-duty temperature control. It also helps the driver have a smooth driving experience and helps maximize the vehicle’s fuel usage.

Kenworth Fuel Cell Truck at Port


On developing more innovations in the future

With its new and improved hydrogen fuel-powered Kenworth T680, the company showed how much they stepped up to the plate and proved their consumers that they can create a much more competitive vehicle that’s not only beneficial to their buyers and the whole trucking industry but to the environment as well.

Today, the company still continues to find more ways to break their own barriers and embrace more innovations that will improve their products in the future. In fact, Kenworth is working on a new project that will surely open up more possibilities to the trucking industry once again.