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University of Birmingham Develops Hydrogen Ring

There was a press release put out today that basically reiterates the unveiling of a small fleet of hydrogen autos by the University of Birmingham in the UK. In late September, the University accepted delivery of 5 fuel cell Microcabs for real world testing.

In April I had talked about the first hydrogen refueling station being opened at the University of Birmingham by H2 fuel supplier Air Products. This was to be the first of a dozen stations opened in the United Kingdom by 2010.

Today’s press release brings some new information to the forefront, “The Birmingham hydrogen re-fuelling station is part of a cluster being set up across the region by the British Midlands Hydrogen Forum. Known as the Midlands Hydrogen Ring, the stations will be at the heart of hydrogen fuelling infrastructure planned throughout the region, enabling real life hydrogen vehicle trials. A second station is already operational at Loughborough University and the roll-out of further sites includes vehicle testing centers, an airport, a visitor attraction and eventually the open road.”

And this ring of hydrogen operations in the Midlands area doesn’t stop here. A month ago I talked about a hydrogen home that was being set up by the University of Birmingham and Black Country Housing Group.

As hydrogen refueling rings and homes continue to be set up in the Midlands area of the UK, this small scale hydrogen economy may just be a model for other cities, counties and regions to follow in the not too distant future.

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