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Hyundai Genesis GV80

Multinational Korean automotive auto manufacturer, Hyundai Motor Company, unveiled the Genesis GV80 fuel cell concept as part of the expansion of the Genesis luxury line at the April 2017 New York Motor Show.

Despite the SUV manufacturing industry continuously becoming saturated, Hyundai remains positive to join other major players like Honda and Toyota in coming up with zero-emission and hydrogen fuel-powered vehicles. The new hydrogen fuel cell concept SUV boasts of an elegant design in both exterior and exterior, with a large and robust body.

Set to arrive in Australia by the last quarter of 2017, the GV80 promises to be one of the rides of the future. Not much information has been disclosed about this luxurious SUV but based on the details shared by Hyundai, the electricity-powered vehicle will run on both hydrogen fuel cells and a rechargeable battery.

Specs We Know So Far

According to sources, this luxury spin-off from Hyundai comes with a sleek design, inside and out. Luc Donckerwolke, design chief for Genesis, is ecstatic to talk about the timeless design of the upcoming SUV, one that the Genesis brand is trying to achieve. He said that the vehicle comes with a dynamic overall surface complexity.

Geared towards making a vehicle perfect for creating an urban and outdoor experience, Hyundai’s Genesis GV80 SUV concept boasts of clean lines in a sophisticated and robust body comparable, to the luxurious Volvo SUV. The large 23-inch wheels make it suitable for outdoor adventure while the five-point grille with diamond mesh occupies most of the front for a unique design. Conversely, the headlights are dual slits on each side that gives it a different appeal.

Brand chief Manfred Fitzgerald said that the future models to be introduced by Genesis will also have these distinctive characteristics, showing the kind of product portfolio they want to build.

The interior is interesting as well, with all-leather seats in red, trimmed in aluminum and complemented by organic ash wood. The dashboard is filled with classic gauges and dials that have been combined with contemporary features. A very bold, 22-inch OLED “infinity display” lies on the dash and occupies most of the space while the steering wheel looks elegant with the logo embossed at the center.

Under the hood is a showcase of impressive technology. The Genesis team made use of a hydrogen fuel cell with batteries that combine to make this a fuel cell plug-in vehicle. This will make using electric-only propulsion possible for driving short distances prior to switching to the fuel cell. Consequently, driving long distances, can be achieved using both zero emissions electricity sources. And, the plug-in will allow battery recharging from home.

The Genesis team says they will still conduct studies to explore the benefits of eco-friendly technologies and these kinds of propulsion system alternatives. This is in their bid to deliver to the needs of drivers who are also urban adventurers.

While other SUVs also cater to the urban explorers, the Genesis GV80 exudes luxury and boldness. For now, SUV enthusiasts will just have to wait for a little while.