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It’s Official: First Commercial Production Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles for Sale

Yes, there have been a few commercial hydrogen fuel cell production autos built (such a by Honda and Daimler) but they have been for lease and not for sale. Yesterday I talked about hydrogen fuel cell Sysco forklifts and palette trucks powered by Plug Power Gendrive systems possibly being the first commercial production hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for sale on the market.

This was confirmed yesterday by Plug Power’s Teal Vivacqua and Sysco VP Gary M. Mills. Okay, perhaps forklifts and palette trucks are not as sexy as hydrogen autos. And, perhaps the fact that they operate in a warehouse away from the public eye also makes a difference along with the fact that not everyone will own one.

But, this is still an important milestone in the advancement of hydrogen vehicles. You see many people think that the first hydrogen fuel cell auto of record was the 1966 General Motors Electrovan. And, they would be correct.

But, the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle actually predates this by 7 years. The first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle of record was a 1959 Allis-Chalmers farm tractor, developed by Harry Karl Ihrig.

This shows a couple of things. First, the challenge of putting hydrogen fuel cell autos on the road is a more monumental endeavor than putting other vehicles in action, because of the supporting infrastructure that needs to be built for autos.

Second, fleet vehicles such as forklifts and palette trucks prove the concept that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are practical not only from an environmental standpoint but from an economic standpoint as well.

And, just when you think that Plug Power’s first hydrogen fuel cell production vehicles for sale on the market in Texas is enough news, they are making even more news today. Plug Power will be expanding its sales of hydrogen fuel cell forklifts and palette trucks at the Walmart distribution center in Alberta, Canada.

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    A big hoorah for the pioneers of fuel cell fork lifts, pallet trucks, stand-by and remote power systems, service boats, hydrolleys, hydrail and all the other practical first generation innovations that are absolutely essential precursors to the final act of the hydrogen drama—fuel cell autos.

    The whole Hydrogen Economy edifice has suffered from well–intended Government attempts to nail on a beautiful roof (autos) before the foundation was poured (these more mundane H2 apps) have raised, and then disappointed, the expectations of the uninitiated, including most of the media. By so doing they’ve deferred H2’s relief of energy security and environmental problems by years.

    Thanks, Kevin, for saluting these important H2 trail blazers! Let’s follow the path they’re showing us.

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    In my mind officially let us begin.The D.O.E. has failed the industry for if you know this Bi-product is a well known Gas and we need tax rebates to convert or new alternatives tax credits.Taking money from big oil like oil did to hydrogen especially during Henry Fords day.One might say oh how are we going to get around. Stop procrastinating start manufacturing and build the Hydrogen battery highway and let us vote those people out of office who only want .I live on the Gulf of Mexico.Our fish Oysters etc and La. wanting more jobs.It is time. I never thought I would be so mad at oil. As there bean counters say let not fix it. Great Article.

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    Commercial trucks

    It is really a good news that first hydogen fuel vehicle is for sale. In america one can think their life without vehicle, even america is known to be the one of the biggest automotive market all over the world and where automotive are in such a huge number there consumption of fuel is also in huge quantity, it will be very relaxing when hydrogen fuel vehicle is for sale as rates of other fuels are increasing with a great speed.

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    Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

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    Used Commercial Trucks

    Great Achievement,
    After fuel prices rising day by day it is very difficult for common man to afford vehicle and in america automotives are in every house. One cannot think a day of there life witout vehicle. By inventing vehicles on hydrogen fuel cell there will be great relief for every common man as hydrogen fuel in comparatively cheaper than other fuels. If hydrogen fuel station are located in every cities than i think this vehicle can make a history.


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    Great invention,
    It will be big relief for all the common vehicle owners. Due to increase in fuel rates day by day it was forcing common man to cut there pocket badly. This vehicle will be in great demand but for that their should be a good frequency of hydrogen fuel station.

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    What s he possiby t have a train refueled hwy near a plant pruing hydrogen

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